Born 1 february horoscope 2020

You will see a noticeable improvement in your situation. If you get upset, you will live badly this year somewhat destabilized. So, let yourself go, trust in life, without thinking about what will be said or imaginary bad surprises. So, go ahead, without useless and bulky states of mind!

Beware especially of the feeling of futility and the tendency to indifference. Very rewarding and constructive year Your main asset will be the ability to find a good balance between action and reflection. Hence your feeling of fullness and serenity. In love as in the professional field, you will take things in hand, and you will be very expeditious.

All this will allow you to live passionate loves on the one hand, and on the other hand to achieve your various goals.

Lucky Signs for People Born in Pig Year:

The life of a couple will be harmonious. Be careful, however, to avoid being negligent about your spouse: a kind word, a little attention can do wonders; on the other hand, a little carelessness can provoke unnecessary dissensions. Think about developing your social life, which will allow you to have a healthy retreat from your married life, to have more refined relationships with your partner and intuitions quite constructive. Single, you will be strongly inclined to seek stabilization of your love situation and even the legalization of your relationship.

You will wonder if you will be really happy with the person of your intentions. With this aspect of the star Benh Phu, small sulks in love are possible. But these conflicts, whether latent or open, will not be of consequence. Try to keep calm if your partner is sulky or uncomfortable: it will happen to him as fast as it has come! If you are alone, you will experience love these days as a tender game of hide and seek or an innocent game of blindman.

You will run after the sweet sensation of a night. In the morning, it is already dissipated, while in your turn, we will run after you! Your relationship with your spouse or partner will lose some of their usual intensity. However, you will still manage to fuel the fire of passion in the heart of the other. In short, the pleasure will be at the rendezvous. The marriages concluded during this period will have all the chances of being stable and happy provided that the masculine part is of this sign.

You will share with your new elected the same taste for a serene existence. For some singles, flirtations can lead to deeper relationships. With this aspect of the star Benh, there will be animation in your love life.

Love predictions

The atmosphere will be warm and sensual. Buckle up and pack your bags in the first part of as the forecasts for February shows you Scorpios and your life partners getting a chance to travel to a foreign land. How else would anyone ever want to kick-start the New Year other than travelling? You might also get the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage during this second month of , with your partner. However, for all those whose birth chart shows Rahu moving into the seventh house, the house of relationships; expect that you will be presented with a lot of options as Rahu signifies multiple partners and lust.

You might fall prey to keeping numerous relationships at a time, or keeping multiple partners to fulfill all your needs.

This might also present the chances of a break-up or might harbor doubt and problems into your relationship. Owing to the transit of Mars into the second house of your birth chart from 8 February until 22 March, it will give expenditures related to a family member.

So, try to keep your finance in check, so that you are able to utilize it at times when you need it. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter from 30 March to 30 June, , will present you with expenses that are related to your home, and property. You might invest in a new house, or might rejuvenate your house, or even get furniture for your house.

Pig Chinese Zodiac 12222 Predictions: Characteristics and Traits

The presence of Saturn in the third house means that you would not have to give money to your neighbors or siblings, and would not have to lend money to any of your friends and relatives. This means that your savings would be intact and you would not have extra expenses during this time. The presence of Jupiter in your second house until 20 November, , brings along chances of welcoming a new member into your family.

February 12th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 1

There might be a new addition to the existing family members, or a birth might take place at your house. For Scorpios, the year does not seem to be very enriching in terms of health. This therefore means that you need to take more care of your health than usual, and focus on keeping yourself healthy. Take good care of yourself by exercising daily and eating healthy food, so that you do not fall ill due to external factors. There is a chance of Rahu making you fall prey to unexpected diseases as it would be placed in your eight house. So, just take a little extra effort for your health, so that you can cope up well with anything that comes your way.

Rahu and Ketu would move in to your first house and seventh house respectively, from 23 September of This transit would bring mental stress to you, and keep you in a disturbed state of the mind. Try to remain calm if possible, through meditation and exercise, or by diverting your mind to do things that interest you and help you keep a peaceful mind. Grabbing this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity would prove to be beneficial to you in the long run. For all the working professionals out there, the Horoscope for predicts that work matters and professional commitments would keep you up for short distance travelling, and this would help you refresh your mind occasionally.

Everything will go well. The only thing to be concerned about is health.

Monthly Horoscope for Dragons in 12222/2020

They will find it hard to make a choice between love and career. It will be a relief for Dragons when they accomplish their dreams. Dragons will continue to be lucky this month. They should not work excessively in pursuit of a perfect life, which will be liable to damage their health. Relationships will be romantic and warm. With increasing fortune in month 2, Dragons will be lucky enough to be able to take advantage of a new opportunity in the beginning of the lunar year.

Meanwhile, many challenges will confront them during this month when continuous progress should be made. They shouldn't lose pace with others, which might put them in a hurry later on. They shouldn't neglect themselves when much attention is being paid to the others. Overall, Dragons will make some progress this month. Dragons will be out of luck this month and may become frustrated because of an emotional crisis. As a result, they will feel too upset to handle other things. If their emotions remain unstable, they will be unlikely to make improvements in their overall situation.

Dragons will have good luck, are likely to make a leap in their careers during the leap month of April. However, they need to remember one thing: they may easily feel content with their present life and slowly lose their sense of competitiveness. In order to experience further development, Dragons should keep a sense of urgency when they succeed.

Dragons will experience a decline in luck in month 5, Opportunities will be missed if they hesitate to make decisions. They shouldn't be too upset because they can learn from their mistakes. They can achieve much by remembering past experiences.

Monthly Fortune for People Born in a Year of the Dragon in /

Month 6 will mark a new beginning for Dragons with an upturn in luck and they are more likely to achieve greater success if they push the limits, especially in their careers. Luck will drop slightly for Dragons in Month 7, but generally things will go smoothly both at work and in life.

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They are advised to keep an eye on safety while traveling because of a possibility of being injured. A conflict with others might also occur in month 7. Further, they will experience failures and get stuck in doing only what they want to do. What really matters this month is to have good control of their moods. Month 9 is a time when Dragons fortunes will steadily rise.

Being active is of great importance: the more they do, the more recognition and support they will win from others. Dragons will experience good luck in month 10 if they grasp the opportunities they have been longing for. Time will mostly be spent at work, but they will have a good rest at the end of month Dragons will have stagnant luck in Month 11, when they will be exposed to a lot of scandals, which will call for a strong sense for judgment.