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However, since Yang Metal sitting on the Water Element lacks support from Earth, it is actually weak and unstable. This means that the aggressive image is fake and lacks a solid foundation. However, Yang Metal will come to full strength in the autumn season when Metal is strongest; then the aggression will become more real and fierce. They have a tremendous will to survive and refuse to surrender no matter how difficult circumstances are. Additionally, because Yang Metal is like a giant piece of steel, you can say that Yang Metal also symbolizes ships.

Since Yang Metal has no Earth support and sits on Water, there will be the danger of sinking ships and disasters related to building collapse due to unstable foundations lack of Earth. In the Hsia calendar, the Rat is the first of the 12 zodiac or celestial animals.

Rat (zodiac)

The Rat is also the first hour of the clock to begin a new day to Because there are 24 hours in a day and 12 animals, that means every animal sign consists of two hours. As the day changes at , Early Rat begins and lasts until As such, the Rat sign covers two different days—half on a Yang day and half on a Yin day. Odd numbered toes is Yang and even numbered toes is Yin.

This exactly matches the idea that the Rat represents both Yin and Yang! But because the Fire Element is totally absent to control the strong Water energy, we can expect to see water- and fire-related disasters, including sea and air accidents. Examples of water disasters include flooding, heavy rainstorm, and tsunami. Furthermore, because the Fire Element is totally absent and both the Metal and Water Elements are weakening the Earth Element, there will also be more serious earth-related disasters such as landslides, sink holes, avalanches, mining accidents, building collapses, and earthquakes.

Chinese Horoscope 2020

All you have to do is simply look back and revisit history to learn about the future. For example, 60 years ago, was also a Yang Metal Rat year. One of the most serious earthquakes occurred on May 22, in Valdivia, Chile, with a magnitude of 9. Another major earthquake was on February 29, in Agadir, Morocco, with a magnitude of 5. Additionally, the Rat will be in a direct clash with the Horse another strong Fire celestial animal. The intensity of the fight between these two Elements will be brutal and unforgiving. As mentioned earlier, the Fire Element is related to airlines and airplanes; this clash can cause airline accidents.

On February 26, , an Alitalia airplane crashed in Ireland, killing 34 people onboard. March 17, , a Northwest Orient Airline crashed in Indiana, killing October 24, , there was a setback in U. On December 16, , an air collision near New York killed people.

Chinese festivals, holidays & important days in 12222

January 3, still a Yang Metal Rat year , a Finnish airline crashed. On January 24, , a B bomber with two nuclear bombs crashed in North Carolina. And the list of airplane accidents goes on. You can use this same logic to understand the energy of people and between countries by following the elements of the Hsia calendar. For example, was a significant year when 17 African countries, including Cameron, Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Somalia, and Madagascar all declared independence. Cyprus also gained independence from Britain that same year. In the U. For example, the strain between the U.

The American pilot Francis Gary Powers was captured, convicted of espionage, and sentenced to three years of imprisonment plus seven years of hard labor. Another one occurred in Tokyo University when mass demonstrations against the United States-Japan Security Treaty turned violent, resulting in people arrested and injured.

Also, on March 21, police in Sharpville, South Africa opened fire at demonstrators, killing 69 and injuring Going back years, in , also a Yang Metal Rat year, it was a very turbulent time in Chinese history. It was the peak of the Boxer Rebellion supported by the Qing government in China with many fierce fighting and brutal killings.

It is no wonder that Hong Kong is now experiencing massive demonstrations against the passing of the Extradition Law.

The Rat is a Peach Blossom or Flower of Romance star and it will stimulate plenty of sex and romance. Because the Metal Element also represents the skin, teeth, and bones, it will also enhance the theme around beauty and grace. We can see significant contributions or a boom in the beauty and entertainment industries. For example, in , the Beatles began their music career in the Indra Club in Hamburg on August Therefore, it is recommended to carry a jade pendant of the Ox to reduce the negative influence.

People born in the year of the Rabbit , , , , , , , , will have a penalty relationship with the Rat. This will cause trouble in relationships with people such as friends, family, and colleagues, including sex scandals, extramarital affairs, and betrayals.

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Therefore, it is recommended to carry a jade pendant amulet of the Ox. Bonds between friends are always a good place to start when searching for the right person. The potential is right in front of you! Love, at first sight, could be your new year reality. Married Dogs will experience continued good status for the majority of the year.

Happiness and peace will be plentiful. Bask in the glow of enduring love. Although the Year of the Rat will bring success, there will be periods of weakness. To avoid negativity, focus on the good things about your partner. Keep their positive traits in mind before stepping into shaky territory. Infidelity and betrayal might be cause for change.

Take notice of changes in yourself and your partner. With the influence of the Metal Rat, the change will be apparent. As one of the friendliest of zodiacs, Dogs can expect to be encouraged by friends. Keep your friends close in order to succeed. Social interactions should prove successful in the coming year. Prosperity will be on the rise in all endeavors with career, relationships, and lifestyle. The most significant positive change will focus on career.

Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

With the proper amount of dedication, you can boost your career ten-fold. Relationships will bloom, and life will be good for long periods. Fortunately, things are about to take a turn for the better and provide a much needed reprieve. While Dogs are generally regarded as protectors, it is they who will be protected this year as the Pig ushers in some much needed fortune. It's possible Dogs may feel a bit out of place this year as differences between them and Pig will become evident.

There is also a degree of simple charm that dogs will have to learn in order to make the most of In fact, you may discover even your loftiest goals within reach.

February Horoscope 2020 Overview

For those looking to change careers this year or start a new business venture, then this is exactly the right time to do it. The stars are aligned in your favour and the Pig is smiling down on you. You must seize the moments as they appear for you this year in order to get ahead. For those dogs who work a 9 to 5 job, your chances of getting a raise or being promoted are highly probable.

This is an area where your charm will help you to go that extra mile. Dogs will also get a lot of help from their friends and family this year with their career and especially their new business ventures. Fortune favors education for Dogs this year, and it will be a great time to pursue higher education in particular, with study abroad opportunities as well. Dogs will find that they get the best professors and have some great choices in study partners. Unfortunately, distraction will also abound this year and Dogs are easily distracted.

Be sure to keep your nose to the proverbial grindstone as there will always be time for socialization later. Health is the one area where luck is not entirely on your side. Dogs can expect to suffer from fatigue partly due to a successful career and busy love life , as well as some lesser ailments such as stomach ache and mild flu.

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Take care of yourself by maintaining a daily regimen of productive exercise and a balanced diet. Motivating yourself to reach these small daily goals will have substantial effects that can be felt in other areas of your life as well. Ultimately, you can expect nothing major to befall you and that in and of itself is good news.

Love conditions are favorable this year for dogs. Single dogs, and particularly women are shown to have the most fortune in this category over the coming months. This is your sign that good things are coming your way. Your horoscope reveals that single dogs may already know their most favorable love interest, either through work or casual acquaintance. If you are already in a committed relationship, now is a good time to take things further.

Where it goes is completely up to you, but fortune favors dogs who act on what they want this year. If you're looking to get more serious with your partner or perhaps welcome a new member into the family then the time is now. It would seem that almost everything is set to go your way this year. Be careful of distractions and stay focused, but at the same time enjoy yourself. The Pig is not overly laborious, so in order to succeed this year Dogs will have to follow suit.