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She then tells Albert the month and Bernard the day of her birthday. Test-takers are then asked to use logic to deduce Cheryl's birthday using a short conversation between the two boys about the information given to them. By Tuesday online users were engaged in serious debates over the best possible answer to the riddle on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

Bewildered by this brain teaser? Some schools, however, would rise to the challenge. They would enjoy rising to the challenge and we would use it as a great example of collaborative problem solving. The post also clarified earlier reports that the question was posed to primary schoolchildren, saying SOSMA thought it important to specify the age of the students involved so "Singapore parents will not start to worry so much".

The question was "actually from the secondary 3 and secondary 4 SASMO contests held on April 8, ", it said, adding it was "meant to sift out the better students".

Britain celebrates the Queen’s birthday two months after she was born

Singapore is renowned worldwide for its national maths system, which has been emulated by schools in other developed countries and cities, including New York. Karin McGourty, a primary school teacher, explains to the Telegraph's Raziye Akkoc how to work the puzzle out.

It helps to organise their mind. Readers here should create a table with two rows. A table of four columns with the months at the top and the dates Cheryl gives after May 15, 16, 19; June 17, 18; July 14, July 16; August 14, 15 and Bernard knows the date but if it was 18 or 19, they only appear once, and he would know the answer.

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After a sheltered childhood , she married Philip Mountbatten in and was formally crowned queen in Out of all the royal family birthdays to know, this may be the most important. The queen is known for celebrating two birthdays.

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He went on to marry Princess Elizabeth. And he has become the longest-serving consort in British history, recently retiring after 65 years of public service. While he used to celebrate his birthdays by hosting events , he seems to prefer quieter celebrations these days.

How will Brits be celebrating the big day?

After Prince Charles, William is next in the line of succession to the British throne. He often keeps his birthday celebrations private, with his wife throwing an Arabian Nights party for him, or the couple enjoying a quiet weekend in Cornwall. Now that they have three children, it seems even wiser that William honors the royal tradition of taking a day off, with no scheduled engagements, on his birthday.